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August 21, 2011

Shah Rukh Khan announces RA.One video game release

The actor Shah Rukh Khan has announced that RA.One will be the first Bollywood film to also be released with a video game tie-in.

The Superhero action film will be released in cinemas at the end of October, but in September the video game to the movie will be released for the Sony PlayStation.

It has long been a tradition of Hollywood movies to do such tie-ins or make films based on video games, but to see Indian films get into the market shows both how Indian cinema has veered increasingly towards making films traditionally seen as being Hollywood territory and also how global companies are trying to get a piece of the Bollywood market.

Khan said: "It has been a dream since childhood to be somehow involved in video-game designing or making them, as all kids dream of. So now, many years down the line, the dream is fulfilled!"

The game is scheduled to be available for download from September 11. Atindriya Bose, the India country manager for PlayStation, said: "We have always wanted to bring Bollywood IPs on PlayStation platform as the way of connecting to the Indian audience. RA.One has the right mix of action, environment and imagination that is required to make a good PlayStation game, and with Shah Rukh Khan's immense passion and understanding of PlayStation games, we have chanced upon a very unique opportunity for a great game."

Red Chillies Entertainment, the production company owned by Khan, has developed the sci-fi film. The actor himself wrote the video-game story and says the game can be considered a prequel to what happens in the film.

When releasing the first image from the game on his Twitter account, the actor articulated his excitement: "Sorry to go on and on about the Sony ps3 game, but I am so taken by it. Yippee my own personal video game ... though the hair is a little pointy ... will put up shots of other actors soon."

The game will feature characters from the movie, including Khan's G.One and Arjun Rapai's R.One. The rumour mill is suggesting that the avatar of Kareena Kapoor will be based upon Lara Croft. The main cast of RA.One have also provided the voice-overs for their respective characters.

Players will get to choose to be either R.One or G.One during the adventure, in which they rely on various superpowers to get through the 20-game play environments from the RA.One universe.

RA.One stands for Random Access: Version One, as well as the mythological character Ravana. The film will be released in 3D. The Indian broadcasting rights to the film have already been sold to Star India for a record sum, as the movie has set up a marketing strategy based on a Hollywood tent-pole release.
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